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The covered websites log your IP address, user agent string, and other information in the normal course of web server operations.

If you purchase an item on this site, the site will also log your e-mail address as reported by PayPal, and it may be retained in other systems for normal transactional accounting purposes. Michael Redman may contact you to ask for your feedback on the e-book and your experience purchasing.

These logs reside in Amazon S3 and EC2.

Michael Redman is not obligated to you to retain the logged information for any period of time.

Michael Redman may share the logged information as he reasonably believes is required by law or court order, or to prevent violence, epidemic, destruction of infrastructure or disruption of public services or commerce, or other calamity or destruction of life, limb, or property.

If you purchase an item, Michael Redman may share the logged information with third parties in connection with fufilling your purchase.

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